User Guide


Note: Jambu requires that the GNOME ‘enable assistive technologies’ option is checked (that’s in Preferences -> ‘assistive Technologies’ in Ubuntu).

Make sure Firefox is already open and make it the active application after running Jambu.

jambu -h

shows the usage and all options which include

jambu [--scan] Firefox | <other app name>
  --scan      start auto scanning, otherwise manual
  --blinkĀ     blinking highlight, default is auto
  --svg       svg highlight, default is auto
  --noswitch  no switch input (so doesn't need pygame)

Use the left ctrl key to step and the right ctrl key to perform an action.


Jambu shows a highlight around a currently selected item in the user interface and you can then move to the next item, drill down into contained items or perform the items action. Jambu selects appropriate items in the user interface and decides which actions can be performed on each.

If you have a Window Manager that supports transparency (like Compiz on Ubuntu) then SVG highlighting is automatically selected. Otherwise a black blinking rectangle is used. In case the detection fails you can use –svg or to force the basic blinking highlight use –blink.

For now text is entered with the keyboard. Obviously a usable solution will invoke an OSK like GOK or Dasher.

Actions and Gestures

next item: Left Ctrl key, USB Switch 0 or 4, middle mouse button
action item: Right Ctrl key, USB switch 1 or 6, right mouse button

Use the ‘next’ action to move around items and ‘action’ to enter a group of items or perform the action for an interactive item. ‘next’ iterates around items in a group and also the group itself to allow moving up and out of the group (the highlight changes colour in this case). The gestures that invoke these actions are

The mouse gestures are an experimental feature and you need to display the tree UI and leave the pointer in the spaces between the buttons (and then menus do not display properly as the mouse interferes).

Developer features and notes

See the developer pages for extra features for developers.

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