I can’t access several features in Firefox, why not?:
Jambu is still in early development. The basic principle has been proven to work. We are now looking for funding in order to make it a product.
Why does nothing happen when I run Jambu?:
Make sure the ‘use Assistive Technologies’ option in ‘accessibility’ is enabled. You usually get a warning if this is the case.
What do I do when the highlight disappears
Simply do a ‘next’ action.
Why do I see a flashing blank rectangle and not the nice red highlight?:
You need a compositing window manager like Compiz and need to have transparency enabled (‘Normal’ visual effects in Ubuntu Hardy).
Is a Windows version available?:
Jambu is a Linux program for the GNOME desktop and has developed and tested on Ubuntu Linux. However it should be fairly straight forward to ‘port’ it to Windows, especially now that the IAccessibile2 accessibility is available.
Why the name ‘Jambu’?:
Well it sounded good and seemed to fit when I was searching around for a name. A Wax Jambu is a type of fruit and the Jambu Fruit Dove is a species of bird (perched above).
What’s with the bird?:
It’s a Jambu Fruit Dove and a temporary logo. If you’re a budding graphics designer then please do feel free to contributes something better.

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