Technical Details

Jambu is a pyGTK application written in Python and uses pyatspi to access the AT-SPI accessibility platform.  It also use pygame in order to interface with switches and pyrsvg (part of pyGTK) to draw the SVG highlight through cairo.

It’s been developed on Ubuntu Linux which uses the Compiz window manager but should work on any GNOME (Windows will be a while as GTK is available but pyatspi is not).

Getting the code

You can get the code from the subversion (svn) repository:


with the latest source in …/trunk and releases in …/tags.

The latest release is also available as a tarball.

You can also browse the code online.


You will need a copy of Firefox 3 (see link on left) and almost certainly want to use Accerciser.

For local source execution rather than installed run:

$ cd .../jambu/src
$ ./jambu Firefox

Ensure accerciser is not also running as in some circumstances this causes errors or very slow operation.


We use Wing IDE and have registered Jambu as an Open Source project with Wing in order to obtain a Open Source Licence.

Program features for developers

–showtree  shows UI including a tree of accessible objects

A tree view is presented for developer use. It shows the model of accessibles and provides buttons to (re)Generate the model, start/stop scanning and perform an action.


There’s no need to build.

You can create the the tarball for distribution from the source:

  python sdist

and the tarball will be created in the ‘dist’ folder.

More information

There’s more ideas and background on the OATSoft Trac.

Previous version

A much earlier version of Jambu is available which provides a framework for creating OSKs using SVG and Python. See this page for a bit more information.

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