Polishing up Jambu

Posted June 25th, 2008 by Steve

Having set up the basic web site now is the time to work on making Jambu more approachable as a project; as Eitan, David and Willie have been nagging me to to do for ages. Here’s the list that Eitan suggested at the end of the last Mozilla grant and that I’m now working on. I’m also going to install a tracker and set up autotools.

This is a good time in my opinion to pause with the actual development
and establish Jambu as a project that people could easily try out, test
and contribute, or just plainly know about and understand. This means a
couple of things:
– An attractive and easily navigable website, Jambu today uses Trac,
which is fine, but for the size project that it is, it is fairly empty
and not navigable. I think a site with a “Download”, “FAQ”, and
“Screenshots” links, with a good explanation about what Jambu is and who
would find it useful on the main page. A “Developers” link could point
at the current Trac site.
– Proper code header cleanup. There are a few files that still have the
copyright notices of different projects, or even variables or symbols
that hint on different projects. Besides a distributable tarball the
licensing and attribution should be clear and concise.
– Screencasts – Jambu’s state right now is perfect for giving a proof of
concept through a screencast.
– An easier “entry point”. This is probably the only coding task I think
is necessary in this phase. This could mean a home screen or icon that
could be clicked that would start Jambu and just work as expected,
whether the target app is running or not. The way it is now is a bit
unintuitive, and doesn’t do justice to the cool experience you get once
Jambu starts doing it’s thing.

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